3g THCa Disposable

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    Disposable THCa Carts

    Posted by Phillip S. on 1st Aug 2023

    I must say, I was very skeptical about the THC-A carts when I first heard of them but now, now I’m a loyal user of them. This is the only place I get them as the price is very fair and the carts generally last me anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on use. My favorite thing about them other than getting them 48 hours after I order them, is that I have zero issues with the carts themselves. So often carts will clog, plug up, shoot oil into your Louth, etc. I’ve used well over 10 of these carts since I first discovered them and I’ve only had one issue with them where one plugged up which as I see it 1/10 is not bad at all where as most of the brands in the past, I’d see a failure rate as high as 75 percent. That’s why I keep coming back here. I highly recommend the hybrids for relax time. One of my other favorites though is that while it does help you relax and melllw out, it doesn’t stupefy you like normal THC carts would and that’s what I like about them most. If you’ve been on the fence with them, don’t be any more, I highly recommend them. The ONLY complaint I have about these carts is with the design of the physical cart itself. There is no “double tap” pre heat feature, you have to press and hold the button to pre heat and this can lead to quite a bit of waste with oil being burned off due to not knowing how long you need to pre heat for and in rate cases this can lead to overheating which in turn can lead to a partial clog that is easily cleared with more ore heating. That’s my only complaint about this product. The physical product itself is great, the oil. It’s just the carts not having a self “double tap” pre heat feature that I don’t like. Still love them tjough, still come and pick one up almost every Tuesday though. lol. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY

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    Amazing ?

    Posted by Alex on 17th May 2023

    I have bought a lot of disposables, but this one takes the cake (haha) it's one of the best ones I've had. One good hit will last me almost all day, and the high is super intense. Great for people who want to get high, but still want to actually function ?